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October 20, 2017


Saving money when remodeling is often one of the biggest wishes you will have. Nobody can say remodeling is cheap, but you can definitely make it cost less and still look good. Below are 5 tips from GKing Construction on how you can save big when remodeling your home.


Tip #1 – Buy materials yourself

Buying materials yourself is a great way to save money when remodeling your home, even if you can’t find them cheaper than your contractor. Why? Because your contractor will mark up materials on his estimate. Yes, its true! Contractors often take the entire bid price and mark it up 10 to 15%, by having him exclude materials from the bid you can save quite a lot of money from the get go.


Tip #2 – Shop Online

You can often find materials for your project such as faucets, towel bar sets, shower enclosures, and many many more items a lot cheaper than in your local big box retailer. By saving with online purchases coupled with having the materials removed from the bid, you can save quite a lot of money. Amazon is a great place to find cheap fixtures for your home at a discount. By shopping online you can save a lot of money when remodeling your home and you can find a lot of cool items you wont see in your local big box retailer.


Tip #3 – Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you consider starting any project make sure you know exactly what you want. If you need help with planning, make it clear to your contractor beforehand and only let the project begin when you both fully understand what you want and how it should look, as well as having all the materials you plan to use on site and ready to be installed. By planning ahead it will ensure you have a clear plan to be executed by your hired help efficiently. If your contractor knows that the job will run smoothly, knows you are workable and easy to please you will get a better price and your contractor wont feel the need to add as big of a cushion for ‘unknowns’. Another big way to save money remodeling your home


Tip #4 – Compare bids

Contractor estimate to SAVE MONEY WHEN REMODELING

Contractor estimate

As you will read a lot, seek estimates from at least 3 different contractors. The key is to let it be known that you are seeking multiple bids, this way the contractors know its a competitive bid. By having a contractor submit a competitive bid you will almost always get a lower price. Another benefit of having multiple bids is you can see the style each contractor uses, and see if any contractor missed anything in the bid. By having multiple bids you can choose which contractor has the lowest or medium range price and save money when remodeling your home.

Tip #5 – Use a General Contractor

This may not seem the most obvious tip, but we are often called into projects where a homeowner has pieced together a project on their own. Most of the time, this is after many problems and headaches during the course of the project and the homeowner has finally had enough and wants to have someone to come in and ‘just get it finished’. By hiring a general contractor such as GKing Construction you don’t have to worry about finding a tile guy, a countertop guy, a drywaller, a laborer, etc. That is handled for you and your contractor will have already used his guys on many projects – meaning the people he uses will be high quality. Installation will be done correctly, and you will save on wasted time and materials in the long run meanwhile having a higher quality finished product. Not only that, but if things get really bad, your contractor will have insurance, bonds, workers compensation, and will be bound by law to certain things in your favor that will definitely help you save money when remodeling your home.