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Welcome to Gking Construction – Remodeling Contractor

Whatever your Construction needs are, we are here to create living spaces that you will love for years to come. Gking Construction specializes in interior remodeling – that means we are remodelers, and we partake in every aspect of remodeling whether its a bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, or your entire home. We work with homeowners, investors, realtors, and many other individuals and businesses. We have been serving Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo and the surrounding areas for over 5 years now and Gking Construction look’s forward to being the general contractor you chose to partner with to transform your living space from what it is today, into something that feels luxurious, elegant and functional. Something that suits your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

What sets us apart from other Contractors

Our commitment to providing superior customer service, thorough planning and design and our precise construction execution helps make GKing Construction one of the best contractors around.

At GKing Construction, our first priority is customer satisfaction. Remodeling is what we chose to do, we love it, and we want to make sure you enjoy the entire process starting from your initial appointment to the completion of your home remodel project. We offer free consultation appointments and estimates, we guarantee all of our work, carry insurance, are licensed, and we are never done unless you are happy with your construction project. As an important part of providing superior customer service, we’ll also complete your bathroom remodel in 15 days or less, and your kitchen remodel in 30 days or less!

As far as our planning and design, what stands out about our services is that we take the time get to know exactly what you want. Your aesthetic preferences, your personal style and your lifestyle. This enables us to design an area that is uniquely yours; a space that doesn’t just look amazing but actually functions well in your everyday life. Furthermore, we offer free estimates and design consultation for any project in the comfort of your own home.

Construction is where the vision of your dream home and our expertise is manifested into physical reality. We are dedicated to always constructing a space that meets or exceeds everything you could have imagined. We work until you are completely happy. No home remodel project is too small or too big for us; we do it all! Additionally, we use high quality materials while still working within your budget. One more thing…we never leave a mess, instead we leave your newly remodeled space sparkling clean so you can enjoy it the second we leave.

GKing Construction’s Services

Why do you need a General Contractor?

The job of a general contractor is to make the project easy, to handle the selection of the correct materials, design and planning, and the execution of the construction so your project is done correctly and efficiently. This takes a lot of the burden off of the customer and creates a better final product than if an homeowner hired people individually to complete different aspects of a project. A general contractor’s job is to oversee the project, and a homeowner may not know if work is being performed satisfactorily or up to normal trade practices. This is where a general contractor is specialized because we are not only licensed to do the work ourselves, but to hire others to do it as well.

GKing Construction serves all of the Bay Area including Contra Costa County, Solano County, Yolo County, Sacramento & Alameda Counties.